Heath Ledger X Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse have recently unveiled a video directed by Heath Ledger for a previously unreleased track that never made it to their 2007 album. An interesting concept and intricate animation have made for quite the melodic journey that puts you in shoes of nature’s more delectable beasts…sucks doesn’t it?

source: Hypebeast.com


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One Response to Heath Ledger X Modest Mouse

  1. Daniela Gauna says:

    This is such a joyful contradiction of man vs beast. It reminds me of the time my roommate and I conjured up a quick display of anarchy towards a Fur Boutique. I drew out a playful factory assembly line of rabbits skinning people and hanging them loosely on hooks to dry. My friend then wrote out a whimsical rhyme to state the truth and tagged the set to the door.
    Personification is my drug to the imagination.
    -Daniela Gauna

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